What is SMS Marketing? Some SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas

What is SMS Marketing?
Let’s begin with an easy SMS selling definition.

SMS stands for “short message service.” These messages may be sent between phones or from a pc to a mobile device. Sending marketing messages to a customer via text message

Here we will discuss a number of the simplest SMS marketing campaign ideas.

Get Permission & build Opt-out Clear
You must have permission to send users text messages. Otherwise, you’re simply spamming individuals, which might mean irreparable harm to your whole. to not mention breaking the law and doubtless wrenching up important legal fees.

Get subscribers to prefer to text messaging with promotional campaigns that raise them to send a keyword to your shortcode. Or allow them to check a box throughout the checkout method aboard email subscriptions. And to encourage opt-ins, be clear concerning what subscribers will expect. What styles of messages can they receive and the way often?

You can encourage signups on any of your current selling channels: email, website, in-store, social media, junk. for instance, Payless prints flyers and posts signs close to the shop checkout, and dish Hut spreads the word on Facebook.

Less is Good
How many SMS is simply sent?

An in-depth analysis of ideal SMS frequency recommends beginning with 4-5 messages a month and slowly increasing to ten a month. Of course, you ought to closely monitor unsubscribes for Associate in Nursing transactions in churn to search out the sweet spot for your own subscribers.

It’s additionally an honest plan to incorporate frequency in your welcome message therefore users savvy usually they’ll hear from you:

When it involves message length, suppose short and sweet. Most carriers limit text message length to one hundred sixty characters,4 that the quicker you get to the meat of your message the higher. State worth upfront, embrace a crystal clear decision to action.

When it involves the timing of your text messages, rely on your audience’s daily habits.

According to a Mobile merchant, Mondays have very cheap response rates. Unless your message is specifically relevant to it a day, avoid it.

You should additionally steer beyond common commute times, generally, 6:30-8:30 am and 4-7 pm, people are probably driving and unable to see or reply to texts.

Keep it Fun!
SMS could be an extremely personal and informal channel, creating it ideal for amusive campaigns. Suppose games, promotions, polls, interactive content, and one-on-one conversations. Use it as a chance to deliver fun, unforgettable client experiences.

Note: several SMS marketers use shortened text speak like “ur” and “txt” in campaign copy. Be happy to try to constant, as long as your message is definitely clear.

You wouldn’t visit an innovative visitant constant method you’d a loyal client. The same goes for SMS. Section your audience to confirm that every user gets relevant, valuable content.

New guests might get free shipping or promo code, whereas repeat customers get early access to new products or an invitation to your rewards program.

Use profile information to send birthday promotions, new client discounts, or location-based campaigns to allow every user-customized expertise and up conversions.
Instill Urgency
One of the central edges of SMS is urgency. Therefore use that to your advantage.

Pair SMS with location-based campaigns to send tempting promotions to users after they arrive or pass your store. Embrace phrases like “valid until,” “expires presently,” or “today only” in your message copy to make a way of urgency and prompt recipients to act.


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