Virtual Receptionist

Here’s What You Get From Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist offers a host of features that make call-handling a breeze. Your callers are greeted with a customized professional message, followed by a menu of options to pick from. You can also automatically connect your customers to agents they are familiar with. If you can’t answer calls at the moment, let them leave a voicemail and you can call them back later. Configure all this and more through a web panel you can access even from your phone. Broadly speaking, here are four reasons Virtual Receptionist is awesome.

Number Of Your Choice

Virtual Receptionist offers you great flexibility in choosing the right business phone number for your unique requirements includingToll-free, Vanity and Local and International numbers. And in case you already have a number of your choice, we provideNumber Portability too.

IVR Systems

Virtual Receptionist’s Automated Voice Response System (AVRS)allows businesses to automate telephone transactions, delivering better service at lower costs. With it’s Smart Call Managementand Voicemail feature, you never miss a business lead!

Professional Greeting In Any Language

Create a powerful first impression on your customers by having a sleek Welcome Message that adds to your reputation and portrays your desire to take your customers seriously. If you have international presence, you can have the welcome message in the local language of your choice.

Real-Time Analytics

Virtual Receptionist gives you complete online control of your phone system with its integrated Real-Time Analytics andNotification systems. It is easy to set up, configure and edit, and you can monitor and access your call records anytime. Moreover, the Virtual Receptionist Android App truly lets you go mobile.

Packed With Powerful Features!

Mobile App

You get complete control of your business communications through the Virtual Receptionist Android app.

Multi-Agent Access

Divides responsibility and allows your executives to access their call logs even when you’re not available.

Call Recording

Every call you make or receive is recorded. So monitoring the quality of your customer support or analyzing calls from customers and prospects is as easy as pushing a button.

Unified Management

Add or delete forwarding numbers, access logs and recordings, listen to voicemails and modify your call settings from a single panel.


You can choose to get email and SMS alerts for calls that couldn’t be answered or even for new voicemails and faxes.

CRM Integration

It’s ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM, such as FreshDesk, Salesforce and Zendesk, makes it that much more efficient.

JustDial Integration

Leads passed on to you by JustDial get updated in your contact list. What’s more? You can even have a click-to-call button there.

SMS Integration

All text messages sent to your Virtual Receptionist number are stored in one place and can even be accessed by email.

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