Virtual Receptionist Overview

What is Virtual Receptionist?

Virtual Receptionist is a cloud PBX — a hosted business phone system — that allows you to record, route, forward and track every call that your company makes or receives. You don’t need a call centre or an expensive EPABX machine or even employees working in two shifts just to answer calls. You only need a Virtual Receptionist phone number. Read on to know why.

  • Never Miss a Business Lead
  • Project a Big-Company Image
  • Track and Analyze Calls With a Real-Time Dashboard
  • Give Callers a Personalized Experience
  • Make Your Phone Number Your Identity

Never Miss a Business Lead

What if that call you couldn’t answer while you were in a meeting or driving was your next big deal? With Virtual Receptionist, you can respond to every single call made to your business number, no matter what time of the day. It’s called having the last word in how you run your business. Literally.

Project a Big-Company Image

Never underestimate the importance of first impressions. How you say ‘hello’ can be your first sales pitch that converts a prospect into a customer. With Virtual Receptionist’s welcome message and efficient call management, you look like a rock-solid company.

Track and Analyze Calls With a Real-Time Dashboard

Virtual Receptionist lets you monitor your business through a real-time dashboard. You not only have your call logs and recordings in one place, but also the big picture that throws up trends or flaws you would have otherwise missed.

Give Callers a Personalized Experience

Forward important customers’ calls to specialized agents. Connect every customer to an agent who speaks his language. The options are endless – all you need is an eye for creating a delightful customer experience. Virtual Receptionist does the rest.

Make Your Phone Number Your Identity

You get the freedom to pick a number of your choice. It could be a mobile number, a local landline number (even internationally) or a toll-free number.

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