Virtual Fax

What is Virtual Fax?

Virtual Fax is the fastest and easiest way of sending and receiving faxes. It provides you with a dedicated fax number without the hassle of buying or maintaining a fax machine. With this, you can send and receive faxes in PDF format via email, and even opt for instant notifications via SMS.
  • Send and receive fax from anywhere
  • Get instant notification over SMS
  • Don’t compromise on confidentiality

Send and Receive Fax from Anywhere

Every Virtual Fax account comes with its own dedicated phone number that’s just for your use. Give this number to your clients for 24×7 fax connectivity! Save time, effort and paper by sending faxes straight from your email account. With our one-click Email-to-Fax feature, you’ll not only be going green but also going smart!

Get Instant Notification Over SMS

Waiting for that important fax? With the SMS notification feature, you’ll know as soon as it arrives. Virtual Fax does away with the need for phone lines, fax machines, power backups, and weekend monitoring. You’ll know exactly when to check your mail!

Don’t Compromise on Confidentiality

Data security is a vital consideration for any enterprise. Virtual Fax’s 128-bit encryption keeps your incoming and outgoing faxes secure so that you don’t lose sleep over confidential documents landing in the wrong place.

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