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SMS marketing for travel business

How SMS Marketing Leverage to Travel Business?

SMS marketing helps you to stay send reminders and travel notifications to your customers throughout the times to stay them up-to-date. Bulk SMS beats all other modes of communication for convenience, pace, and value with an unprecedented average open rate of 98 percent and is extremely cost-effective.

The ease with which messages are often composed and sent to several recipients with our bulk SMS software that permits you to send information on flight delays, or other time-sensitive information to be easily dispatched to those that need it most, further building customer goodwill and brand loyalty.

Here are the highest 6 SMS marketing ideas which will help your travel and tourism business to an excellent extent –

1. Confirm Customer Booking

When it involves making a travel arrangement, what percentage times have you ever double-booked by mistake? Nowadays, customers normally confirm their bookings months beforehand. However, they often forget the precise dates of the event or holiday.

The point is, customers need a touch gentle reminder from time to time. By using bulk SMS services, you’ll send a reminder about their bookings beforehand and earn their trust.

2. Service Updates With SMS Marketing
To eliminate complaints and please irate customers, provide the purchasers with a brief text message code and keyword. you’ll then give them SMS notifications in real-time on any travel delays or interruptions operational . it might not only boost your customer service but also prevent precious time spent responding to an equivalent request repeatedly.

3. Loyalty Schemes Through SMS
SMS loyalty cards are the right thanks to promoting brand loyalty. a mean youth spends about five hours each day on their smartphones. this is often particularly relevant within the travel and tourism market, where an outsized majority of shoppers are trying to find the simplest deals on their phone instead of employing a specific company.

You can give customers rewards and discounts with a customized SMS loyalty card to form more bookings with you. it’s going to be particularly useful for theme parks and attractions looking to inspire returning customers.

4. Personalized Loyalty and Mobile Vouchers
Are there any last-minute summer/winter deals coming up? Is there anything exciting you’ll offer to your customers? Then take the foremost benefits of things by sending personalized loyalty and mobile vouchers through bulk SMS service. Boost sales and entice customers to book by sending your opted in or loyal customers exclusive vouchers via SMS.

5. SMS Ticketing and Boarding Passes
Send safe, traceable, highly customizable mobile tickets/boarding passes with the assistance of SMS services, stored within the phones or Wallet app of your customers, able to be redeemed during a big variety of the way. instead of making customers search through their ticket pockets and luggage as they check-in at the airport or reach a location, they will only use their phone to urge in.

6. Customer Services through SMS
When it involves improving the customer experience, capturing customer feedback is important. Yet, while surveys remain a crucial method of gathering vital information, email and paper ones have their limitations.

SMS also boasts an overall open rate of 98 percent, so there is a sporting chance your customers can see your survey. Our Bulk SMS Software also allows you to use your branding, customizable drop-down boxes, and star ratings. the straightforward interface means it’s more likely to open and complete by customers.

These are a couple of incredible bulk MS marketing ideas for your Travel and Tourism business. find out how to use the SMS service for your business and grow your business to the subsequent level.