how does virtual receptionist work ?

How does Virtual Receptionist work for your business?

Virtual Receptionist has it all figured out so that you project a professional image and never miss a business opportunity while you travel or vacation.  It’s simple, flexible and endlessly customizable. A customer calling on your Virtual Receptionist number is greeted with a customized professional message.  Next, Virtual Receptionist offers the caller a menu of options that they can choose from. It can even connect them automatically to the agents they are familiar with.  All this and more can be configured through the web panel and changed on the fly. How Does Virtual Receptionist Work



Option 1: Call goes to the department concerned

The beauty of a Virtual Receptionist is that you can create as many departments as you want. You can have sales, marketing, finance and more – each department with their independent extension. Virtual Receptionist takes the input and instantly directs the caller to the right department. Time-stamped notifications are sent via SMS and email for corroborating the time and receipt of the calls. Each and every call landing on your system is recorded and archived for future reference.

Option 2: Call Goes To Your Voicemail

There will be busy days in your business. But you don’t have to worry about missing important calls because the Virtual Receptionist has your back. The caller can simply record a voicemail. This message is sent to your email, allowing you to make a call-back.

Option 3: Call Goes To Your Fax

Fax machines are out. Virtual Receptionist is in. The caller can now send a fax straight to your email. The fax is sent in a PDF format.

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