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SMS marketing for travel business

How SMS Marketing Leverage to Travel Business?

SMS marketing helps you to stay send reminders and travel notifications to your customers throughout the times to stay them up-to-date. Bulk SMS beats all other modes of communication for convenience, pace, and value with an unprecedented average open rate of 98 percent and is extremely cost-effective.

The ease with which messages are often composed and sent to several recipients with our bulk SMS software that permits you to send information on flight delays, or other time-sensitive information to be easily dispatched to those that need it most, further building customer goodwill and brand loyalty.

Here are the highest 6 SMS marketing ideas which will help your travel and tourism business to an excellent extent –

1. Confirm Customer Booking

When it involves making a travel arrangement, what percentage times have you ever double-booked by mistake? Nowadays, customers normally confirm their bookings months beforehand. However, they often forget the precise dates of the event or holiday.

The point is, customers need a touch gentle reminder from time to time. By using bulk SMS services, you’ll send a reminder about their bookings beforehand and earn their trust.

2. Service Updates With SMS Marketing
To eliminate complaints and please irate customers, provide the purchasers with a brief text message code and keyword. you’ll then give them SMS notifications in real-time on any travel delays or interruptions operational . it might not only boost your customer service but also prevent precious time spent responding to an equivalent request repeatedly.

3. Loyalty Schemes Through SMS
SMS loyalty cards are the right thanks to promoting brand loyalty. a mean youth spends about five hours each day on their smartphones. this is often particularly relevant within the travel and tourism market, where an outsized majority of shoppers are trying to find the simplest deals on their phone instead of employing a specific company.

You can give customers rewards and discounts with a customized SMS loyalty card to form more bookings with you. it’s going to be particularly useful for theme parks and attractions looking to inspire returning customers.

4. Personalized Loyalty and Mobile Vouchers
Are there any last-minute summer/winter deals coming up? Is there anything exciting you’ll offer to your customers? Then take the foremost benefits of things by sending personalized loyalty and mobile vouchers through bulk SMS service. Boost sales and entice customers to book by sending your opted in or loyal customers exclusive vouchers via SMS.

5. SMS Ticketing and Boarding Passes
Send safe, traceable, highly customizable mobile tickets/boarding passes with the assistance of SMS services, stored within the phones or Wallet app of your customers, able to be redeemed during a big variety of the way. instead of making customers search through their ticket pockets and luggage as they check-in at the airport or reach a location, they will only use their phone to urge in.

6. Customer Services through SMS
When it involves improving the customer experience, capturing customer feedback is important. Yet, while surveys remain a crucial method of gathering vital information, email and paper ones have their limitations.

SMS also boasts an overall open rate of 98 percent, so there is a sporting chance your customers can see your survey. Our Bulk SMS Software also allows you to use your branding, customizable drop-down boxes, and star ratings. the straightforward interface means it’s more likely to open and complete by customers.

These are a couple of incredible bulk MS marketing ideas for your Travel and Tourism business. find out how to use the SMS service for your business and grow your business to the subsequent level.

tips for Bulk sms marketing

10 Tips on using Bulk SMS Marketing effectively

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the best ways in which to drive client engagement and come through your marketing goals within the world nowadays. it’s a well known undeniable fact that text messages or SMS ar way more economical than the other digital promoting tool. Researchers have found that individuals instantly the messages that they receive on the mobile for ninety-seven % of the time. Thus, with correct SMS promoting, you’ll be simply ready to transpire your message to your clients and make a stable customer relationship.

But however, can you be ready to surpass in SMS marketing? What are the tricks that you just have to be compelled to follow to make sure most readability and response from the message you send? Well, here are some tips that may assist you out.

  • Add a call to action:

    When you are causing a text message to your customers, you want to certify that it includes a correct decision to the action specified your customers will simply perceive what you’re attempting to convey through the messages.

  • Keep the text message short:

    Of course, this is often one amongst the foremost necessary things. you wish to stay your message short and to-the-point specified your recipient doesn’t lose the interest to scan it.

  • Track and Optimize:

    If you’re running AN SMS selling campaign then you want to perpetually track the performance of your campaign and perceive wherever you’re lacking to perform even higher through the precise improvement of the method.

  • Choose the right time to send the messages:

    The trick to changing into thriving with the SMS selling campaign is to grasp the correct time to send the messages. If you wish to come up with the most response, then you must schedule the delivery of the messages at the correct moment to relinquish your recipients AN ample quantity of your time to reply back.

  • Generate a sense of urgency:

    When you are causing this type of SMS, certify that you just add AN expiration date to the offers or discounts that you just are promising. can|this may|this can} produce a way of urgency among the shoppers that reciprocally will generate nice results for you.

  • Understand the frequency of your campaign:

    You need to derive the right frequency of causing messages to your customers. you wish to recollect that you just ought to decide a frequency that’s not too long and not too short specified your customers stay fascinated by your offerings.

  • Make proper use of keywords:

    Keywords are terribly useful if you’re attempting to grow the list of consumers. Encourage clients|the purchasers|the shoppers} by victimization the keywords to opt-in for your offers and grow your customer list.

  • Personalize your texts properly:

    Personalized messages perpetually facilitate the shoppers to appreciate that they’re necessary to you. Thus, it helps you to come near client engagement and grow your business.

  • Acquire good knowledge about your recipients:

    To obtain the most effective results from your SMS selling campaign, you wish to own correct data concerning your recipients like their age, gender and preferences specified you’ll be able to customize your messages in a very thanks to interesting them.

  • Never overdo it:

    One of the most things that you just got to do is to manage your contacts properly to make sure you are doing not find yourself causing an equivalent SMS. Keeping the communication contemporary can assist you to realize success from the campaign.

How does bulk SMS Nagpur help?

However, it is not easy to find an SMS gateway provider in the country. There are several bulk SMS service providers India that claim to deliver the highest-quality SMS marketing India services. But the claims that they make are not always true. The companies that offer quality services tend to charge high rates and those who offer friendly rates tend to make compromises with the quality of their online SMS gateway India services.

Well, there is nothing that you need to worry about since we at bulksmsnagpur are here to help you out. Being the best bulk SMS marketing company in the country, we boast about having the most efficient API Gateway in Nagpur as well as the country. We not only provide you with extraordinary service but we also make sure that our packages are designed in such a way that they become pocket-friendly for our clients. Having recognized by the clients as the provider of effective SMS services Nagpur and in overall India, we always work hard to live up to your expectations and keep you satisfied. So, avail the best bulk SMS marketing services from us at friendly rates and give your business new frontiers to grow.

5 Incredible benefits of using Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk sms service provider india

The world has modified greatly in recent days. individuals became additional aware and selective once it involves procuring any service or merchandise. As a result, it’s become too necessary to plug your merchandise or services within the right means. solely with the assistance of correct promoting, you’ll be ready to guarantee property growth for your business. However, it’s too arduous to search out a correct promoting tool these days. whereas there are choices like email promoting accessible, they’re not as effective as you’ll assume. and we are the best Bulk SMS service provider in India.

So, is there nothing that may assist you to achieve potency in marketing? Well, of course, there is. you wish to pick bulk SMS promoting. Bulk text SMS service permits you to send messages in bulk amounts to many recipients. Hence, it becomes straightforward for you to coach your customers regarding the merchandise, services or offers that you simply ar providing. Plus, the text messages are instantly scanned as before long as they’re delivered. So, the potency that the SMS promoting service offers is admittedly unequaled.

Being one in every of the leading bulk SMS suppliers within the country, we have a tendency to at bulksmsnagpur, and its the best Bulk SMS service provider India. invariably give you the simplest. we’ve got the simplest SMS entry that you simply will arouse. and that we have designed our services in addition as packages in such how that suits you the can try our packages we are one among Bulk SMS service provider India.

Benefits of Bulk SMS marketing:

To be honest, the majority of SMS service provides you with endless edges and opportunities. Well, here we’ve listed the most effective ones for you to see out. Have a look:

1. Delivers instantly:

It is beyond question one in every of the most effective options that bulk SMS promoting offers. SMS service is clearly radical quick. Thus, it instantly reaches the mobile device of your customers with none trouble. it’s an indisputable fact that a text message doesn’t take over seven seconds to succeed in the recipient. So, you’ll not have to be compelled to worry regarding your messages being delivered.

2. Offers an efficient platform:

With SMS promoting, it becomes simple for you to send messages to solely a gaggle of consumers. Plus, you’ll conjointly favor sending messages to all or any the shoppers on your list with none trouble. Also, you’ll have the total freedom to customize the messages before causation them. moreover, you’ll send transactional additionally as promotional messages to your customers while not having any bother.

3. High readability:

Text messages offer you the utmost readability. it’s been found in an exceedingly recent survey that folks have the tendency to instantly browse the messages. As a matter of reality, ninety-seven of the messages that you just send to your purchasers’ are instantly browse. This potency is some things that you just cannot accomplish if you’re victimization the other tool. So, you’ll be able to be fully assured of your messages browsing with SMS selling.

4. Provides reliability:

SMS selling provides you with the utmost dependability. different selling platforms like email fail to produce you with constant dependability. after you send associate degree SMS to somebody it doesn’t bear spam or different filters. Thus, your text messages can reach your customers with none hassle.

5. High conversion:

Since text messages offer you with high readability, the conversion rate is additionally higher. no matter provides you’ll offer through your SMS, it sees the upper conversion. So, if you’re victimization SMS selling, then you’ll be able to guarantee correct business growth.

 Bulk SMS Nagpur: The best bulk SMS company in India

There square measure many bulk SMS suppliers in India. However, it’s tasking to settle on the simplest bulk SMS service. Most of the SMS service suppliers India tend to supply you with dangerous quality SMS service at reasonable rates. Thus, it creates additional issues for you at the end of the day. and people WHO supply quality services charge high rates.

Well, you will never have to worry about such things when you are availing of the service from us at bulksmsnagpur. Being the best bulk SMS company in India, we are highly dedicated to providing the best service to our customers. We understand how important marketing is for our customers. Thus, we have designed our services in such a way that they help you to achieve success in business. So, avail your bulk SMS marketing service from us and enjoy advantages in every way.

Advantages of Bulk Messages for Business

Even once vast leaps on internet-based instant Bulk SMS Services, SMS remains a significant manner of human activity among most. Users answer SMS a lot quicker than different kinds of media and realize it additional convenient and fewer invasive than involves stepping into bit with a business. therefore it’s no surprise that bulk electronic messaging has emerged as an excellent selling methodology. not like emails, it reaches customers no matter their convenience of web association and is summary and straightforward to the method for anyone.

Advantages that bulk messaging can bring to your business


Bulk SMS Services

Users nearly browse all of their text messages at intervals a brief few seconds whereas most of the business emails either realize their thanks to spam folders or area units merely unnoticed. although they aren’t unnoticed, it takes them quite heap of your time, typically stretching to days for gap the e-mail.

If your customers or potential purchasers area unit in a district wherever there’s no local area network or web association, the e-mail can reach them once an extended delay. thus victimization Bulk SMS Services enables you to reach away from the larger audience and most of them see the message content likewise.


Pamphlets, ads on medium, billboards and newspapers area unit usually unaffordable for many medium and small-sized businesses. Compared to it, you’ll be able to get bulk SMS packages at a phenomenally low worth and at considerably higher speeds. It brings you a fast come of Investment at a half-price to save lots of you Brobdingnagian capital whereas growing your client base.

Stop Wasting Time And Start TAILORED AND TARGETED

Unlike ads on ancient media that could be unheeded, skipped or fail to grab the eye of recent customers because of their generic style, bulk messages may be tailored specifically for your customers. terribly totally different from the pre-internet era, nowadays trends square measure straightforward to trace because of factors like AN accumulation of demographic information, shopping for habits of users, the behavior of customers in a very specific geographic location and a lot of.

Targeting customers who supported these factors via mail, poster ads or alternative sorts of media compared to bulk electronic messaging will raise the promoting budget approach on top of your presumptions and doesn’t have the convenience that bulk SMS offers either. you’ll simply change offers, product launches, and alternative data betting on those factors and send them in brief messages that square measure fast to browse to your audience.


While video, audio or image-based movement could be designed rigorously via the selling team, a corporation will ne’er be too positive of the reaction they could invite because of the scope of misunderstanding. however, with text messages, you have got to be precise with restricted characters that don’t afford that unhealthy PR incident to happen. is one amongst the leading firms that have been at the forefront of this bulk message selling revolution and may assist you to deliver the goods solid results with their reasonable offers. For a lead over the competition be a part of them currently and reap the advantages of bulk electronic messaging. Send your targeted audiences and shoppers all data is crisp language and eradicate any style of problem.

Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur

Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur

10 Factors To Consider While Selecting Your Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur

Choosing an Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur – whether it is for promotional bulk SMS or transactional SMS updates and OTPs – demands more rigor than a simple price comparison. The impact of your SMS campaigns depends on multiple factors including delivery rate, delivery speed, uptime, scalability, compliance, security, support, and campaign customization options. What’s more, you need to account for various hidden charges and UI/API limitations that increase your overall costs, directly or indirectly.

1. Maximum Delivery for Maximum Returns
2. Send SMS Campaigns your Customers Love
3. Authentic Reports = Right Decisions
4. Powerful SMS APIs for Easy Integration
5. Scale with Confidence
6. Measure, Modify and Maximize Campaign Effectiveness
7. Benefit from the Most Loved Customer Support
8. Clear and Honest Pricing with Zero Hidden Charges
9. Robust Infrastructure for Near-Zero Downtime
10. Protect Your Valuable Customer Data

Promotional Bulk SMS Pricing

Transactional SMS Pricing

Voice SMS Submission Pricing

Here you checked above the 10 factors you should consider while selecting an Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur.

Need more info? Just give us a call on 0712 274 2233 or 7385053678 or email us at

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How to create effective Email Marketing Campaign – Email Marketing Tips

Email is still the preferred method of contact for most people. Personally, I like to receive information from companies and brands that I know and trust. If I purchase a product, I also like to be kept up to speed with changes and updates for that product. If you sell a product, an open line of communication with your customers keeps them in your sales funnel for future purchases or upgrades. Read more