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The main purpose of an OTP is security.  It is the process of confirming that the person making the transaction and the card owner is the same. To do so, a small code is sent to the mobile number associated with a bank account or either software. In this article, we are discussing about OTP SMS service. The user types the OTP pin it in the transaction interface once the OTP SMS received, and this helps to take the purposeful & secure decision of the transaction. OTP is not only useful only for transaction purposes. Where you need a 2 step authentication of a real person or real mobile number OTP SMS are very helpful.

What is the OTP service?

OTP is an automatically generated numeric string, sometimes it is an alphanumeric string. OTP is an abbreviation of One Time Password. OTP is very useful to authenticate and verify users. An OTP SMS service provider ensures a secure user flow to the business.

In this tech-savvy world, services of the online transactions are marked by the effectiveness of the software that controls the flow of the information very smoothly. In the search for the right business, many things are changing with security and safety. Internet and mobile phone using a secure password to access their network.

Adopting a robust two-factor authentication is becoming allowable needs. For bank accounts, other accounts like social media where security is on the top list. The use of OTP SMS reduces the chance of the account being compromised or hacked.

Where OTP SMS service can be used:

  • Authentication: By using OTP verification you increase the security of your website or app.
  • Authorization: to keep the data safe and secure of the user in their accounts, OTP SMS cab be used.
  • Transnational authorization: Adding the OTP verification fold helps to keep all transactions safe. It completes the transaction securely.
  • Reactivation: using OTP verification means asking for permission to reactivate the account. OTP helps to confirm the acceptance from the user end.
  • Reset: many times users forgot the passwords or sometimes fake people want to reset the password. By using OTP SMS service, you verify users before resetting the passwords.


OTP added an additional layer of security. The OTP ensures a genuine association between the user and their phone number. That is the reason why it has become a quickly popular safety measure in securing the safety and privacy of one’s account. There are many benefits of OTP SMS. Some are listed here:

  • Securing Payment and Confirming Transactions
  • Secure Multiple Devices to One Account
  • Blocking Spammers and Bots Similar to Captcha Forms
  • Securing Online Documents with Sensitive Information
  • Delivery Dropbox Authentication
  • Revise Your Banking Profile and User Details (Self-service)

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Bulk SMS for Election Campaign – Bulk SMS Nagpur

Bulk SMS Service

In the mobile-first age, Bulk SMS campaigns for elections are becoming popular by each passing day. Bulk SMS for election campaign is the easiest way to communicate with the audience. Nowadays, where the ads can be skipped and the email can automatically filter out the spam emails as well as promotional emails. the only way to grab the attention of the voters is by sending SMS. Social media also in the race, but SMS has no replacement.

The best way of sending the information and promoting a political party at the national level is by bulk SMS services provider. Bulk SMS service is a highly effective tool. Many political parties take advantage of bulk SMS services for an election. To get public support and attention bulk SMS is the top choice of members.

The bulk SMS for the election campaigns is very popular because it is a budget-friendly way of communication with the voters. As the Elections are coming up, all the political parties are using different strategies for the promotion. with the help of bulk SMS service, political parties can easily communicate with their voters.

Political parties and members can send the information to their volunteers, and the public with the help of bulk SMS service.

Benefits of election campaign messages:

  • If you want to make a unique election campaign which helps you to differentiate from others the use of bulk SMS for the election campaigns is the best option. Text messages help to interact with more people.
  • The cost of election campaign messages is lesser than other promotional tools.
  • It is more effective as it reaches faster.
  • SMS has a high response rate as well as an open rate compared to other methods like Emails.
  • Bulk SMS has a high return on investment (ROI) as compared to other platforms.

Bulk SMS Nagpur is the best bulk SMS service provider in Nagpur. As they understand the needs of the customers better and help in carrying out the best.

Why Bulk SMS Nagpur for election campaign messages?

If you are looking for the best bulk SMS service in Nagpur for election campaign messages, then bulk SMS Nagpur is the best company to choose. As Bulk SMS Nagpur is the first choice of many businesses and peoples for bulk SMS service. Sending SMS in real-time, encouraging and prompt Response from the support team, reliable rates and instant delivery are the key features of bulk SMS Nagpur.

Many have to wish to send messages in the regional languages, they can complete your wish too.

If one can want to see sample SMS, Bulk SMS Nagpur can give an election campaign SMS sample for free.

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Communication Tips To Help You Build Customer Relationships

Voice SMS

Customers are the most prominent player in any business, in this digital-driven world. Due to technology advancements, customers are looking for the stabilization of relationships with the business. It is necessary to reach people on a more personal level, to build stronger customer relationships. And, to build customer relationships, you need to establish secure communication with clients, to keep coming back to you. The success ratio of any business can be judged by simplicity, flexibility, and convenience among the clients. SMS service plays a vital role in brand communication.

Bulk SMS is the king player that can help you for loyalty settlement. Bulk SMS plays a vital role in promoting your business. If any company/business wants to promote a special offer, promo code, new launching, etc., bulk SMS is strongly recommended. Because SMS has a high open rate, high delivery rate, and cost-effective.

Excellent customer service is not only limited to solving their problems. For the more superior customer service, you just need to step up your communication skills.

  • Know Your Customer

the way of your interaction is the most concerning.  The mainframe of the analogies between customer and business is Communication. It is very necessary to know, what your client exactly needs. To know their requirement, expectations, and need is the very first step before proceeding. Later you show them that you have a result-oriented solution to their problem.

  • Be Transparent, Be Specific

To be transparent in each sphere of your services help you to improve your communication with the client. One can maintain customer trust by being transparent, even during a brand crisis. To remain open with your customers regarding your business goals, history, performance, operations, privacy policy and many more.

Asking your potential clients for their opinion in customer surveys will give you powerful insights into what your customer’s needs, what they think about services asking your potential clients for their opinion in customer surveys will give you.

  • Ask for Feedback

Always ask for feedback from customers. it will very helpful to improve your service, either it good or bad. Even we can say negative feedback are also valuable. If your service is good you can promote them as your strengths and if any feedback is negative, you work on that particular aspect to improve your service. Even we can say negative feedback are also valuable.

  • Offer Different Communication Channels

In this tech-savvy world, people are very habitual of using different communication channels. If you are stick to the only old-age communication channel, your customers may be moved to other businesses/companies. Many communication options are brought the trust of clients, they can use these channels as per their comfort. For eg. some clients are very active on social media, they can use social media to communicate with our business instead of email. Different communication channels are email, social media, text messaging, phone calls, etc.

  • Be Quick With Response System

To respond promptly it is must to listen carefully. It is good to develop a habit of listening more than speaking. Providing quick responses can build confidence to your client, you have giving top priority to them. A quick response to the client develops the trust that you’ll always be there to help them.

  • Add Live Chat to Website

No one can deny that Bulk SMS is flourishing. Live to chat the most popular and must-have customer service channels. Adding live chat to the website is a great way to boost trust with clients.


Communication plays a vital role in the setup of good learning of wisdom. Nowadays, the most influential and recommended services are bulk SMS service and bulk email service. They becoming popular among the different social media platforms.

Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur

Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur

10 Factors To Consider While Selecting Your Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur

Choosing an Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur – whether it is for promotional bulk SMS or transactional SMS updates and OTPs – demands more rigor than a simple price comparison. The impact of your SMS campaigns depends on multiple factors including delivery rate, delivery speed, uptime, scalability, compliance, security, support, and campaign customization options. What’s more, you need to account for various hidden charges and UI/API limitations that increase your overall costs, directly or indirectly.

1. Maximum Delivery for Maximum Returns
2. Send SMS Campaigns your Customers Love
3. Authentic Reports = Right Decisions
4. Powerful SMS APIs for Easy Integration
5. Scale with Confidence
6. Measure, Modify and Maximize Campaign Effectiveness
7. Benefit from the Most Loved Customer Support
8. Clear and Honest Pricing with Zero Hidden Charges
9. Robust Infrastructure for Near-Zero Downtime
10. Protect Your Valuable Customer Data

Promotional Bulk SMS Pricing

Transactional SMS Pricing

Voice SMS Submission Pricing

Here you checked above the 10 factors you should consider while selecting an Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nagpur.

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What is Cloud Telephony and its top 9 advantages

Cloud telephony which is known as hosted telephony is a technology that replaces the need for traditional phone system like PBX (Private branch exchange) with a third party VoIP (Voice over IP) service. It uses the Internet for the delivery of voice and multimedia communications.

Working of cloud telephony systems:

Cloud Telephony replaces traditional phone lines with SIP trunks leveraging IP data networks. The cloud communication providers deliver voice communication, media communications, applications and services with the help of multiple cloud servers that the service provider owns and maintains.

They allow access to the cloud servers to their consumers so they can utilize the features and services hosted by them.

Advantages of cloud telephony:

There are various advantages of cloud telephony mainly for SMEs, some of them are as follows:

1. Low Cost: This is the biggest advantage of using cloud telephony systems especially for SMEs as for them the biggest concern is overall operational cost and investment.

The conventional PBX system uses phone connectors which required a lot of time in initial setup and investment. While the cloud telephony systems need a minimum initial investment in the hardware and storage.

2. No maintenance overhead: Since the cloud telephony servers are third party product, they are maintained and updated by them. So the user of the cloud services does not need to worry about its maintenance and availability. This also helps them in reducing the overhead cost of maintaining servers which result in increased productivity.

3. Improved productivity: With features like data security and redundancy the companies can provide continuous support to their customers which help in increasing the overall productivity. Also as there is almost no cost for installation of cloud telephony for SMEs the ROI (Return on investment) of the company improve notably.

4. More secure and reliable: For any business, their client’s data is very critical and is of utmost importance. Before the use of cloud telephony systems, all the customer data was stored on the hardware storage devices.

Due to lack of space or in the case of an unpredictable situation like hardware failure the company can lose their customer’s data. But with cloud telephony, the companies can be confident about their data safety and security as the cloud system supports data redundancy and encryption.

Thus even in the case of data loss, the data is available on another server which helps in providing seamless service to their customers.

5. Readily available: The cloud telephony system requires only a small amount of initial investment for the storage and gaining access to cloud telephony services.

Since the services are cloud based, it cuts down on the time required by the SMEs for proper installation of hardware and service activation as these all are handled internally by the cloud service provider.

So the SMEs can gain quick access to the cloud telephony services without dealing with the tedious task of establishing the infrastructure first.

6. Scalable: To perform and deliver results, it is very essential to adapt to new trends and technology in the market. Previously, for SMEs, it was difficult to follow the trend due to change in infrastructure, applications and high investment.

But with the use of cloud telephony, it is now very easy even for SMEs to be updated with the latest trends as cloud systems provide easy scalability.

As cloud systems are maintained by the service provider it is certain that they will always have access to the most recent software and service.

Not only that it also allows the SMEs with an option to keep on adding more number of agents and resources on the virtual platform without any additional cost of increased infrastructure and telephone handsets in the office.

7. Allow customization: Every company has their own process and technique for satisfying their customer needs. So, it is important that the SMEs can make customized marketing strategies for increased efficiency and business opportunities.

Since cloud platform can support storing a lot of customer data which can be easily accessed by the companies at anytime from anywhere they can invest their time in making more productive and effective policies for enhanced customer experience.

8. Easy integration: To make the best use of could telephony system the companies can easily integrate it with their best call center software to have a more detailed insight on various business requirements like the number of a campaign by a specific customer, when the last action was performed on a campaign, owner of a campaign etc.

As most of the cloud service providers have APIs that enables SMEs to integrate their services with their call management systems for better management and monitoring , it can also be used for having access to real-time information and report generation.

9. Support multiple locations: Since the cloud telephony is based on virtual platform and does not require much space or any infrastructure to establish a business it is very useful in working from remote areas and working from home.

This reduces the operating cost of the business and at the same time increasing business and their customer base. Since the database which stores all the user information, it can be accessed from anywhere with the help of internet, the employees get an option to perform their assigned task from any location thus easing the operation and adding to employee satisfaction.

It also provides companies with an opportunity to serve their customers 24*7 which also can be useful in building a brand for their company and improving their customer satisfaction level.

Now, let’s see a real-life example to understand how the above features of cloud telephony helped a company in gaining more business.


Google Wins Legal Battle Against ‘Spammer’ Over the Letter ‘G

Donald Trump may have won the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, but one of his supporters was far less lucky. A pro-Trump spammer lost his legal battle with Google after the company sued him for registering a domain name that tricked users into thinking they were visiting the trusted search engine.

The suit from Google was filed against Vitaly Popov, a Russian spammer who caused problems for the search giant by registering the domain name ɢ—with a Latin version of the letter “G” heading the address.

Using the difficult to discern difference in the domain, Popov was able to trick users into visiting a landing page that is littered with sketchy popups, warning messages, and a fake login menu asking for a Windows username and password.

According to a complaint filed by Google, “the warning messages created by the landing page are fake, not associated with or genuinely put out by Microsoft Office and are designed to distribute malware and scareware, display unwanted pop-ups, and lure unsuspecting Internet users to divulge personal or sensitive information.

Popov also used the domain in a spamming scheme designed to spread pro-Trump messages through Google Analytics. He would use the ɢ domain to create referrals that looked as though they came from Google itself.

Of the messages he sent via Google’s web traffic monitoring service, man included messages supporting Donald Trump. The spam, sent in the lead up to the 2016 election, would also redirect to a domain that housed pro-Trump messages.

Simple WooCommerce SMS notification plugin

WooCommerce SMS notification plugin

WooCommerce SMS notification plugin Short message service communications — text messaging — may help online retailers deliver better customer service and represent an important marketing opportunity. Simple technology can give you a winning advantage in to today’s tough e-commerce world. They want a shopping experience that’s smooth, hassle free and provides prompt resolutions to their problems. SMS services help you to meet these expectations and deliver exceptional experiences that keep customers coming back. Read more

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How to create effective Email Marketing Campaign – Email Marketing Tips

How to create effective Email Marketing Campaign – Email Marketing Tips

Email is still the preferred method of contact for most people. Personally, I like to receive information from companies and brands that I know and trust. If I purchase a product, I also like to be kept up to speed with changes and updates for that product. If you sell a product, an open line of communication with your customers keeps them in your sales funnel for future purchases or upgrades. Read more

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Google’s new Captcha single click tells Google you’re not a robot

On Wednesday, Google announced that many of its “Captchas” — the squiggled text tests designed to weed out automated spambots — will be reduced to nothing more than a single checkbox next to the statement “I’m not a robot.” No more typing in distorted words or numbers; Google says it can, in many cases, tell the difference between a person or an automated program simply by tracking clues that don’t involve any user interaction. The giveaways that separate man and machine can be as subtle as how he or she (or it) moves a mouse in the moments before that single click. Read more